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Photo: Abbie


Abbie started working for TSS in 2020. Abbie also studying Psychology and the University of Manchester.

Abbie says “In my second year at university I studied British Sign Language for two semesters; I try to utilise basic signs on sessions wherever possible as it allows for me and service users to practice these skills. I love working for Time as you get the opportunity to meet so many lovely people, whether it be the other support workers, service users or the office staff.”

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Photo: Afra


This is Afra, she joined Time in January 2020. Afra is currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester.

“I love travelling. My spare time is usually spent eating good foods with friends and taking long walks with my family and those close to me.”

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Photo: Aima


This is Aima, who started with Time in November 2020.

Aima says “After graduating in Psychology from the university of Manchester, I joined Time. I’m extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to support young people and families in my community. In my free time I volunteer for various organisations and enjoy socialising with friends and family, reading novels and painting.”

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Photo: Annette


I have been with Time Specialist Support for 2 and a half years . I have a degree in Health and Social Care and now I am about to start my Masters in Sociology and Social justice at Staffordshire University. In my spare time I like to walk my dog.

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Photo: Annie


This is Annie she started at TIME in October 2018, she has just finished her degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester, and is about to start a Forensic Psychology Masters.

“in my spare time, I like reading and cooking with family, socialising with friends and listening to music. I love travelling and meeting different people from all walks of life. I have previously volunteered to help people from a disadvantaged background with Maths and literacy and hope in my future career to work in this field”.

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Photo: Becca D

Becca D

“I am a final year Psychology with Counselling student at Manchester Metropolitan University. Most days you will find me listening to music, binge watching tv shows and eating more junk food than I care to admit! If I’m not spending time with friends you will probably find me at the swimming pool. I love swimming and am the chair of my university’s swimming team as well as currently working as a lifeguard.”

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Photo: Bella


Bella joined TSS in 2020.

Bella says “I am very creative and spend most of my free time drawing or making collages. I love animals especially dogs and cats and rabbits, but pretty much any animal will make me happy.

When not drawing I love sending time with my friends (and my dog when I’m at home in York), going on trips out, making food together, and spending time outside going for walks and especially camping. I am in my final year of my Spanish and Latin American studies, and spent time in Spain last year on my year abroad teaching and working in a gallery. After uni I would love to teach again. At the moment, I am looking into maybe doing a teaching conversion course.”

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Photo: Cara


I started at TIME in 2019 and have loved every session- each one is different! I currently work in a primary school and will soon be starting my studies to be a teacher. I love cooking, travelling and going out with friends in my spare time.

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Photo: Charis


This is Charis she started working for Time specialist support in July 2015.

“My favourite colour is Blue and I’m a very creative individual. Fashion is my passion and music is my muse.”


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Photo: Claire G

Claire G

This is Claire and she has worked for Time since 2017. As well as working for Time she is a teaching assistant in a local primary school specialising in Early Years and SEN.

“I love both of my jobs and am passionate about providing positive and engaging experiences within the community. Some of my hobbies include reading, watching films and spending quality time with my family”.

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Photo: Claire M

Claire M

This is Claire and she started working for Time in September 2020. She is currently a full-time Masters student in Psychology at the University of Manchester. Claire loves cooking & baking (Desserts are her favourite) in her free time as well as travelling around the world, spending time with friends and family, walking out and about in nature and finally reading a really good book.

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Photo: Dagmara


Hi, my name is Dagmara and I started working for Time in August 2019. I also work full time in a nursery in the pre school class. I finished Psychology on Salford University and I am planning to go back and do masters in Social Work. I am highly interested in children’s development and what triggers different behaviours. My hobbies include cooking for my family and friends, reading books, and excercising at the gym.

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Photo: Eirini


This is Eirini, she joined Time in December 2019. Eirini is currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester but has previous experience working for various charities, a dementia hospital and a health and social care service.

“Providing support to vulnerable individuals is very important to me, which is why I enjoy volunteering for various organisations in my spare time. I also enjoy attending dance classes, cheerleading and swimming in my free time.”

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Photo: Ellen


“I’m Ellen and I’m 22 years old.  I joined time way back in 2018 and have recently been voted for by my fellow support workers to be support worker rep – which is a huge honour to me.  I hold a psychology BSc and have recently passed my MSc in Psychological Wellbeing with Merit both from Manchester Metropolitan University.

I love exercising, practising yoga and meditating during my spare time.  While out on sessions I thrive on being outside and within the local community while supporting the young people here at time.  It’s such a privilege to be able to work alongside communities and see our service users get the most out of sessions!”

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Photo: Ellie S

Ellie S

I’m Ellie and I’m a 22 year old Psychology graduate currently studying a masters at Manchester Metropolitan University. In my past time I like socialising with friends and loved ones, exercising, yoga and art. I also love travelling, art galleries, history museums and sight seeing.

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Photo: Fazeela


This is Fazeela, she joined Time in January 2020. She is currently studying Adult Nursing at the University of Manchester.

“In my spare time I love to spend time with my friends, I also like meeting new people and getting to know them. I enjoy picking up new skills and really love the outdoors- hiking and rock climbing are some of my favourite things to do! I also have a deep passion for video games and I am currently trying to explore literature and poetry more!”

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Photo: Fiza


This is Fiza. Fiza has been working for Time since March 2018. She worked as a Teaching Assistant with students of all ages from 2015. In late 2016, she has mostly been a Learning Support Assistant for special needs learners.

“I’m a very creative person and love a challenge! In my free time, I like to sew, crochet, make jewellery, roller-skate, spend time with friends and family, and learn new things. I love my my work; the people i work with, and support, always brighten up my day!”

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Photo: Florence


Florence first started working for Time in October 2018 whilst studying Psychology at the University of Manchester, she later graduated in 2020.

Florence says “Alongside my studies, I have thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with the young people we support and meeting fellow support workers. One of my simple pleasures is being outdoors, either running or walking, and listening to music. I also love to dance and have taken part in competitions across the UK for most of my life!”

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Photo: Haleema


“I am a Psychology student in my third year, I love working with children and being there for them. I have worked as a peer mentor at school and university and loved the journey, from this came my motivation to start at time specialist in being a support worker.

I’m very passionate about my degree, especially the field of developmental and educational psychology which explores behavioural problems as well as complex learning difficulties in children.

I also love going for long walks, making desserts, watching movies and I love cats, I have two!”

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Photo: Hannah P

Hannah P

“I started at Time at the beginning of December 2020. I have previously supported young people up to the age of 16 who have additional needs. I have provided support in the classroom environment and supported socialisation skills during break times and after school. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, spending time with my pets and rollerskating.”

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Photo: Hannah W

Hannah W

This is Hannah. Hannah is a 22 year-old Criminology and Sociology graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. Hannah lives and works in Manchester as she loves the city.

Hannah says “I am loving the opportunity to get to know the children and families we support and to be a part of the team. I also work as a sales associate and love working in a fast-paced environment, meeting and helping new people, and mentoring new staff.

In my free time, I enjoy socializing with my friends, practicing yoga, and baking. I also love traveling, sightseeing, and visiting galleries.”

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Photo: Hatty


This is Hatty and she started at Time in August 2018, Hatty has just graduated from the University of Salford with a degree in Human Resources Management and is currently doing a Masters in Humanitarianism and Crisis Response.

“In My spare time I like to volunteer at the Students’ Union and the National Union of Students, I also enjoy taking part in musical theatre productions! I enjoy working for Time because I enjoy the sessions and helping families out”.

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Photo: Heidi


This is Heidi who started working for Time in 2020.

Heidi says “I’m currently in my final year studying Geography at the University of Manchester. I really enjoy working with young people and in my spare time I love cooking, travelling to new places, spending time with my friends and walking my dogs!”

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Photo: Henry


This is Henry, he’s currently studying at the University of Manchester and started with Time in November 2020.

“I’m an outgoing person who is always keen to say hello. I spent quite a bit of my time running so if you see me out and about around South Manchester, stop me and say hi!”

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Photo: Hira


“Hi, I’m Hira. I am currently learning how to Roller skate and really enjoying it! I love meeting new people and experiencing new things. Although a quiet night in with my favourite shows, friends and lots of good food is also lovely. I enjoy reading and I occasionally do art. I love my dog a lot.”

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Photo: Isha


“I’m Isha, I started working for time specialist support in April 2021. I have previously assisted in teaching young children.
I’m a student currently in my first year of university, studying psychology at MMU.

I love to travel around and explore different places. I also enjoy museum’s and art galleries. I appreciate the environment and try to protect our planet. I love and care for animals especially pandas and went to China to work with them.”

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Photo: Jess L

Jess L

I’m originally from York,  and am currently studying Occupational Therapy. I have  over 14 years experience of supporting children and adults who have autism and/or learning disabilities.

My passions are music, travelling and my job! I spent 10 years travelling the world, living in various countries and was lucky enough to continue supporting children who have disabilities in a range of settings, all over the world. I moved to Manchester to begin university and hope to continue supporting people as it makes me smile every day!!

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Photo: Jess T

Jess T

This is Jess and she started at TIME in December 2019, she currently studies Psychology at Manchester University.

“In my spare time, I enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym or walks in the countryside, I like going to Art Galleries as I enjoy drawing and going to the cinema. I really love animals and like to watch David Attenborough’s documentaries”.

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Photo: Jose


This is Jose, he began working with TSS in March 2021.

Jose is Venezuelan/Spanish, he speaks Spanish and Italian. He came to England to study music and music therapy. Jose is currently studying at the University of Salford the last semester of his course.

Jose also works as a freelance musician and freelance videographer, he is passionate in music videos and sound designing. In his spare time he loves swimming, playing sports, running, dancing salsa, and going to the cinema.

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Photo: Julia


My name is Julia and I have been working for Time since October 2019.  I have many years experience of working with children of various ages and I am currently a TA at Valley Special School in Stockport.  I am married with 2 beautiful children and a beautiful dog.   I love long dog walks, cycling and my martial arts bootcamp.  In my spare time (not that I have much) I love to read and bake and watch tv.


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Photo: Katie D

Katie D

This is Katie and she started at TIME in November 2019 and is currently studying Early years and childhood studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

“I like going for walks with my dog when I’m back home. I also enjoy listening to music and socialising with friends

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Photo: Katrina


Supporting vulnerable people is very important to me and I find happiness in doing so. I studied Drama as an undergraduate degree and am currently doing a Masters in psychology as I hope to care for individuals in a clinical setting in the future. I’m a massive book nerd in my spare time and practice yoga everyday. Playing instruments, singing and listening to music is also a passion of mine and bring me so much joy! I like to incorporate my hobbies into my work whenever I can.

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Photo: Kitty


Kitty began working for TSS at the end of 2020 – a nice end to an overall difficult year. She is currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester and hopes to continue this into postgraduate study.

“In my spare time, I like to read, bake (specifically chocolate cake), and I’m learning to crochet – the latter isn’t going very well! I’ve volunteered for lots of different organisations, such as the Royal Voluntary Service and a dementia charity in Leeds, and I’m looking forward to carrying on support work as a member of TSS.”

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Photo: Lily


This is Lily, Lily joined the team in 2020.

Lily is in her final year at the University of Manchester studying Spanish and Italian, she has recently returned from an amazing year abroad in Barcelona and Naples.

Lily loves being a part of the time team as she loves meeting new people and supporting our young people. In her spare time Lily loves cycling to find wild swimming spots and cooking delicious vegan food for her friends and family. Lily is also currently doing a course in British Sign Language!

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Photo: Lois


Lois first started working for TSS in 2018 and after a short break away re-joined in 2020.

Lois says “I spend a year living and studying in Germany but I decided to re-join the TSS team because I am passionate about the work and making a difference to both service users and their families lives. I am in my final year of a Geography degree at the University of Manchester and I am interested in how people with varying needs experience environments differently and subsequently how environments can be made more accessible to meet these needs. I am a chatty, friendly person who loves to meet new people and get stuck in on sessions. In my free time I love cooking (and then eating) good food, exercising and walking my dog on the beach.”

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Photo: Loveday


Loveday joined Time in January 2021.

“I’m currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester. In my spare time I love to bake, listen to music, and spend time with my friends.”

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Photo: Lucy


This is Lucy, she started at TIME in June 2018 and has also worked at Hawthorns special needs school since 2010,  she loves both her jobs and feels very passionate about the role she does.  She has always worked with children and knows this is where she belongs,  she honestly says “it was and is the best experience of my life getting the chance to find out what helps each child, that I get the chance to work with, they all have their very own uniqueness”.

“in my spare time, i enjoy socialising with family and friends. I also have an adorable grandson who I love spending time with. My hobbies are swimming and walking, I love being outdoors in the sunshine.

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Photo: Lucy G

Lucy G

“My name’s Lucy, and I joined Time in 2021. I am currently a psychology undergraduate at the University of Manchester, studying to hopefully work full time with autism in the future. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and going for walks. I have worked in the past shadowing a care worker for adults with disabilities and mental health issues, and currently volunteer as a mentor for younger students at the university. I love caring for and helping others and am excited for my time here!”

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Photo: Mads


This is Mads, who began working for Time in March 2019.

Mads is Danish and came to England to study- he has recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

Mads also works at the Etihad Stadium for Manchester City. In his spare time Mads loves to make and listen to music, go to the cinema, play sports or cook overly ambitious meals.

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Photo: Maeve


This is Maeve: she started working for Time in January 2019. Maeve is from Ireland. She is a teacher with 10 years’ experience of working with young people. She has an interest in complex needs and behaviours.

“In my spare time I enjoy swimming, movies, socialising with friends, cooking, art and travelling.  I believe all behaviour is communication.”

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Photo: Mari


Mari started working for TSS in January 2020. Mari is also a Psychology student at the University of Manchester.

“I have really enjoyed my work with TSS so far. I am currently on a placement year at university, working as a research assistant in a project looking at the language differences of Autistic girls and boys. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, listen to and play music, cook and create things.”

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Photo: Mark


This is Mark and he started at Time in 2012- he’s been away travelling a couple of times since then but always returns.


He left his job in the office team at Time in 2020 to start a degree in Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work.


“Outside of work I love getting out into hills and mountains and particularly enjoy rock climbing, hiking as well as playing football.”

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Photo: Mashud


I’m Mashud, I started working for Time in February 2020. I graduated in BSc (Hons) Psychology in July 2018 and MSc Forensic Psychology in December 2019. I then worked at Hopwood Hall College and Oldham College supporting students with various Special Educational Needs by providing them day to day support including in and out of class support, residential activities, educational visits, and work experience.

In my spare time I try to be physically active so I play sports like football and badminton, and also go to my local gym.
I like experiencing different cultures and trying new food, whilst reading up on topics such as physics and philosophy in my downtime. I like being immersed in psychological movies, and also playing video games. I enjoy going on long walks especially in nature, and like to visit new and different places.

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Photo: Maxine


This is Maxine- Maxine is a second year medical student at the University of Manchester. Maxine was born in the Philippines and her parents are Canadian/Jamaican and German. Maxine has travelled a lot throughout her childhood and really wanted to study her degree in another country which is what brought her to Manchester.

Maxine is very passionate about humanitarian aid and social justice and has a lot of previous experience working with children of refugees- specifically in language teaching and project coordination.

In her spare time Maxine likes to dance, read and watch a lot of movies. When she is able to Maxine also tries to travel as much as she can and pursue her love for scuba diva. Most recently Maxine has discovered a passion for jigsaw puzzles and is learning how to juggle.

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Photo: Menita


“Hi everyone! My name is Menita, I am 23 and I am a Psychology graduate from The University of Manchester. I am currently studying a MSc in Clinical and Health psychology.

I started to work at Time Specialist Support in 2018. Since then, I had the opportunity to work with amazing children and families. I have learned a lot from them, both from a personal and professional point of view, such as the importance to prioritise every person’s needs, interests as well as helping them to develop their own abilities.

I believe that nothing is more rewarding than providing support to vulnerable people. My hobbies are swimming, watching movies, going out for long walks and music.”

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Photo: Molly


This is Molly, she first started working for Time in September 2019. In the past, Molly has lead a youth club and also has worked on lots of different theatre projects with people with disabilities. As well as working for Time, Molly is also a freelance theatre maker and works with the DIY Theatre Company (which is made up of performers with learning disabilities) as well as the Lowry’s Young Company. Molly has a dog named Sybil and her hobbies include meeting new people, writing and dancing like nobody’s watching!

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Photo: Oli


“I am currently in my second year studying Psychology at the University of Manchester. In my spare time I enjoy working out, cooking and I have a love for travel. I also have a dog who is my best mate and companion who I love taking for walks.”

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Photo: Phil


This is Phil. He lives in Stockport, he recently started to work at the Seashell trust in Cheadle.

“I like watching and playing sports, mainly tennis, badminton and football. I like watching films at the cinema, chocolate and enjoy the sunshine.  An interesting fact about me is that as a child I once met Steve McDonald out of Coronation Street and he gave me a 360 degree spinner!”

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Photo: Richard


In my spare time I like to go walking, play computer games, go to the cinema and cook (hopefully) great meals. I’m laid back and believe the most important thing is to try and have fun whatever you are doing. I’m always excited to try new things and visit new places. I’ve been at TIME for a number of years now and it’s given me the to opportunity to meet loads of great people! I’ve worked in a variety of settings with people with additional needs and came to TIME after finishing a degree in speech and language therapy. I’ve continued while also working as a teaching assistant and personal tutor. During this time I have come to appreciate just how much our service is valued by both service users and their carers and the difference it makes to their lives.

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Photo: Sam


“I joined the Time Specialist Support team in January 2021. I have a sister with severe non verbal autism and I have spent a large chunk of my life looking after her. Because of this, I wanted to help people and that’s what made me want to work for TSS. In my spare time, I enjoy watching and making films as well as listening to music. I also love travelling and the opportunity to see the world.”

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Photo: Sean


This is Sean and he started for TIME way back in 2013, he has a BA in Leisure management and a H.N.D in Sports development and coaching. Along side working for TIME he is a T.A in a Behaviour school.

“I use to play Basketball at club level for Manchester, Sheffield and Jena (in Germany) I also played at international level. In my spare time I like to play and coach sports, i like to go to the gym, watch films and travel to the U.S and Europe


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Photo: Sila


This is Sila, she’s currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester. She’s been working at Time since August 2016.

“I spend my free time with my family or I’m in the kitchen doing some baking or i’m in the gym. I can describe my self as a caring, trustworthy person.”

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Photo: Siobhan M

Siobhan M

“Hi, my name is Siobhan and I started with Time in 2021. I am also in my final year of studying Criminological and Forensic Psychology at the University of Bolton and volunteer with Citizens Advice Bureau. I hope to be able to start a Clinical Psychology Doctorate in a couple of years time. In my spare time I enjoy keeping active with running, swimming, lifting and yoga. I also love reading, writing and cooking.”

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Photo: Soo How

Soo How

“Hi, I am Soo. I am currently pursuing speech and language therapy course at Manchester Metropolitan University. I joined TSS in February 2021. In my spare time, I love walking in parks and travelling around.”

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Photo: Sylvia


“Hi! My name is Sylvia and I began working with Time in 2021. I am an international post-graduate student at the University of Salford.

I love caring for children and I became passionate about people living with autism after my younger brother was diagnosed 11 years ago.

My hobbies include reading, listening to music and learning about new cultures.”

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Photo: Wafa


This is Wafa. Wafa started working for Time in August 2020. Wafa says “I enjoy working with children and have previously worked as a summer camp leader and at a nursery. I recently graduated with a Psychology degree and work full time at a mental health hospital on a CAMHS ward. My hobbies include cooking, yoga and going out with friends.”

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